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We are inspired by human innovation and how we have managed to fix so many existential problems through ingenuity and collaboration.

There is no silver bullet solution (yet) to resolving the plastic pollution crisis, however there are several ways we can alleviate the existing problem.


Finding ways to create products from the mountains of waste we collect (that outlast single-use application), is something we believe  to be extremely beneficial to both the environment and the emerging entrepreneurs within the many communities we work within.

Our Wastepreneur programme aims to train up entrepreneurs that focus on using plastic pollution from our rivers and oceans, to create products that increase the value of various streams of plastic. In many instances there is no recycling application for plastic and this allows our Wastepreneurs to establish value and create an economically viable way to support teams on the ground that collect non-recyclables.

It is not a perfect system (yet) and will need investment, expertise and time, but we have already had some early success with bulk product purchases for items that have been developed. This gives the Wastepreneurs the opportunity to create financial independence and a trickle down incentive for reclaimers and River Wardens within certain communities. 


We are proud to announce the establishment of our own Innovation Hub in 2023. 

This was only made possible through a partnership with Mr Price Foundation and Chep and allows us to facilitate training of Wastepreneurs in an emerging up-cycling and recycling market. 

Through the beneficiation of post-consumer and post-industrial waste, we can increase the value around these environmentally problematic materials and therefore create more economical incentive for aspiring entrepreneurs and the reclaimers and buyback centres within the value chain.

If you would like explore how your business can support PLASTIC FOR PURPOSE please get in touch HERE

Wastepreneur Programme

In 2022 we began our first Wastepreneur pilot programme that explored the opportunities of connecting post-consumer plastic from our river warden and reclamation programmes from communities around Durban into valuable products.

This Pilot programme resulted both of our graduates being offered full time employment on a beneficiation project and has proven its merit in the emerging eco market. 

In 2023, we will be growing this programme and identifying more opportunities for products that can be made locally using plastics from rivers, coastlines and communities that have enormous pollution problems.

If you would like to BACK A WASTEPRENEUR feel free to get in touch with our team and find out more HERE

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