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There are many aspects to educating the public about plastic waste, usage and sustainability.We have identified three key areas in this regard; educating the public with facts, educating the youth on protecting their ocean heritage and educating businesses and producers on how to best balance profit with sustainability.

We also believe strongly that education cannot be dissociated from infrastructure. We have therefore set ourselves the goal of also implementing tangible change wherever we educate communities. This is in order to ensure that some improvements are made to their disposal models, in order to ACT on the things that are taught to them. This is a shared responsibility by Municipalities too, who are still important in the end-game solution.

The quote, "you protect what you love" resonates with us and we hope to connect more people to the beauty around them, be it forests, rivers or oceans.

The biggest contribution we can all make to fighting the scourge of plastic waste is through changing our behaviour and reducing our dependency on single use plastic. Such a change sounds daunting until you realise how behaviour is shaped through passion, commitment and understanding.

At The Litterboom Project,  we still remember the days of Zibbi cans and learning about pollution and the environment from a young age. It is in this spirit that we’ve developed a programme that aims to support educators in teaching the bright young minds of today - the consumers of tomorrow, how to be freer of plastic and live with a lighter footprint on our planet.

The education toolkit covers three important topics; An introduction to plastic, The challenges of plastic, and What we can do as individuals to tackle the problem. The course places a strong emphasis on how each of us can make a positive contribution towards reducing and mitigating the impact of plastic pollution on the environment.

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