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SOURCE to sea

The Source to Sea model supports:


The Source to Sea approach aims to tackle the plastic pollution problem through an upstream, eco-system model. 

We believe that whilst interception of plastic pollution in the environment is vital, there should be investment made into land based solutions as well.


These should include improved waste management systems, education and innovation. In order for this to be successful we believe in a co-ordination between Municipalities, private sector and of course plastic producers, in an effort to simultaneously reduce the volumes of single use plastic, create integrated waste management plans and identify sustainable financial models around the implementation of these activities.

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As the last line of defence, our River Wardens work tirelessly to ensure that ALL pollution that makes its way into our beautiful rivers and oceans is removed. They play an integral part in restoring these natural eco-systems back to their natural states.

A crucial first step of our plastic pollution prevention strategy is to work with reclaimers, who are the backbone of recycling in South Africa. Whilst we cannot recycle our way out of this problem, this offers an economic opportunity to individuals within informal settlements around South Africa. We will continue to put pressure on producers to increase these recycling streams, in order to divert more plastic from landfill sites.

Supporting these reclaimers has resulted in the prevention of already over 27 000 kilograms of plastic entering the rivers in 2022.