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At The Litterboom Project, we believe in adopting an eco-system approach, which involves not only last-line-of-defense efforts to keep our coastal stretches clean but also taking action upstream.

When you support TLP's efforts, you are also contributing to our upstream initiatives. These include community collections and buy-back centers, which offer under-served communities an alternative to polluting rivers and green spaces. Additionally, your support helps sustain our innovation program.

Join us in becoming part of a real solution. Support our Back a Beach initiative, brought to you by The Litterboom Project and driven by people and businesses who are committed to taking tangible action to restore our pristine beaches to their natural beauty. Together, we can make a significant difference in preserving our coastal ecosystems.

Back a Beach is an initiative aimed at communities around South Africa taking a proactive step towards returning their stretches of beach back to how they should be, to be proud of and enjoy the many activities that these spaces allow for friends and families.

Click the link below to view/download a more comprehensive outline of the initiative and how you can get involved. 



- Glenashley

- Umdloti

- Mangroves


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